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ScottPapettiScottPapetti Posts: 1subscriber Member
My friend and I are wanting to start an online business in the coming weeks. I am in Canada and he's In the states.. What's our options? How do we start?


  • SkyrocketClientsSkyrocketClients Posts: 10subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Depends on how much money you have to invest. All businesses require some kind of investment either money or time/energy. Assuming you have no money you can resell stuff on ebay. Basically find a supplier that has enough items in stock and then create a posting selling this thing for a higher price. Once you get an order and money purchase the item and send it to the client. Works well between Canada and the US, even within the US.
  • Tuah BaoTuah Bao Posts: 112subscriber Silver Level Member
    Hi Scott Papetti,

    I am not sure what question exactly you have in mind.
    1) Are you asking what type of business you can start with?
    2) How to incorporate a company/partnership? 
    3) Raising fund issue?
    4) Looking for reliable web hosting provider to setup website/e-commerce platform/payment gateway?

    There are more questions... Can you further elaborate your issue?

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