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Do you feel a Smart SaaS Integration Platform is a need by SMEs?

cmoulicmouli subscriber Posts: 9 Bronze Level Member
Dear Community Members -

Recently we initiated our product start-up in the SaaS application Integration space. Our product is a platform that makes the integration of SaaS applications easier by offering pre-configured connectors/configurations and a chat-bot that sits on popular messenger platforms like Slack, Skype to make the interaction easier. Users of the platform can directly run pre-defined use-cases to exchange information between one or more SaaS applications. For e.g. a user can instruct the BOT exchange information between a CRM and accounting application.

We have been repeatedly bothered by key questions like (1) Is the above concept appealing & can a SME business will find it necessary? (2) Where can we find some beta testing customers? Even though our initial assessment feels this is a need for the B2B SME segment, we don't prefer to take a big step unless we get some positive signal. We have also set-up a landing page through our main & product sites(www.dot2globe.com, www.incox.net)

Appealing to this community to reflect on the above and provide us with any insights from your experience. Thanks and appreciate your time and suggestions.

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