What famous photographers do you know?

roxannemorrisroxannemorris Posts: 46subscriber Bronze Level Member
What famous photographers do you know?


  • PulsarrPulsarr USAPosts: 71subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Ansel Adams. The black and white lends a feel to the landscape that can’t be captured with color. Adams used his photography to raise awareness for nature conservation. His advocacy helped expand the National Park system, and his work is a permanent record of these parks before tourism.

    I don’t know of any other photographer who has had as much of an environmental impact as Ansel Adams
  • jjackevansjjackevans Posts: 41subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Best photographers in what - portraits? wildlife? sports? landscape? Streets? wedding? photojournalist? travel? food etc. There are plenty when you say photography - and mastering single one of them is hard and long path. I like fashion photos of different celebrities and I follow many of them on Briefly.co.za.
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