Can you define what a good brand name is?

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Hi fellow entrepreneurs!

I'm having difficulty choosing a good brand name and I hope you can help me with this. Do you have some proven tips that I can apply? Or maybe some ideas on what brand name is good for my product?

A little bit about me and my product:

- I'm based in Indonesia
- My product is Cats & Dogs supplements made out of natural/herbal products
- Currently, the market is dominated by international brands so I need a good brand name that stands out 

Thanks before!!



  • Tuah BaoTuah Bao Posts: 106subscriber Silver Level Member
    Hi Heavenlying,

    Brand name is the end result of all your actions. It is an overall experience of your customers to your business. Of course, having a good and easy-to-remember brand name will help, but it really depends on how much effort you put in to build a positive customer experience.

    You need to have great products (quality), customer service, website, delivery service....etc, before customers can form a good impression with your brand name. Sometimes, despite the product is of high quality, but we avoid buying it. Why? Because we know the customer service or support team is so bad! In summary, you need to ensure customers receive the best experience of every aspect of your business to shape an outstanding brand name.
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  • SkyrocketClientsSkyrocketClients Posts: 10subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Short and memorable. Do have any idioms and expressions in mind? That's a good way to stand out. Try also to merge the words, I don't how it's going to work in your language, in english that works perfectly
  • smithsp74smithsp74 Posts: 1subscriber Member
    There are a number of factors to consider. It’s important to decide what your name should mean and represent. The best way is to make a market research and decide how your brand name can stand out from the competition. Generate a list of potential names then evaluate it with your target group to find the best match. Good luck!
  • AlexKAlexK Posts: 12subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Sit down and brainstorm, just write a stream of consciousness. Most name ideas will suck, but eventually you'll hit gold.
  • Mary_KeyMary_Key Posts: 11subscriber Bronze Level Member

    Usually by combining or altering words that:

    • relate to the industry

    • relate to your twist on that industry

    • have strong visual/brandable elements (colors, animals, etc.)

    Mix, mash, and alter those words until you come up with a name that sounds good to you. Check to see if the .com is available.

    Also prioritize short names.

  • Jaden JonesJaden Jones Posts: 3subscriber Member
    Have you tried browsing brandbucket? While you may not buy one of their names, it's great for getting ideas. 
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