How to connect with Startups needing capital

HalagardHalagard Posts: 2subscriber Member

I am the founder of startup working to build a capital market Small & Medium Business (SMBs) and Startups.  A capital market means selling equity / shares in their business for capital. We are creating an alternative to loans. Our goal is to allow small business and startups to fund just like big companies. 

 My issue, investors want to see demand from SMBs & Startups to validate our market plans. We have a way to collect the demand data, but how do I reach SMB & Startup owners in mass across the USA to get their input?

Your thoughts on how to reach a few hundred SMB owners?



  • Why-EyesWhy-Eyes Posts: 51subscriber Bronze Level Member
    I would say find them on any social platform and try to get there attention. If you find any on twitter try to constantly react to there posts and message them or if you get them on face book try buying any products they may sell (It always catches my attention when someone buys from me) Social media is the easiest and quickest way to connect with a mass audience in seconds!
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