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Using online services for forming LLC

TT subscriber Posts: 1 Member
Can you please provide your feedback about using IncFile, MyCorporation for forming an LLC?  I want to make sure these are not scams and will not sell our information like Phone number, email ID, address etc?  I also wanted to know if it is OK to make use of such companies for getting EIN number as we have to give them the SSN etc.
At this early stages, I am looking to save some money by not going to regular attorneys.
Please let me know what you think and any other recommendations will be great too.


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    cristianicristiani subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    Hi! That's a great question. Obvious disclaimer, I recently launched a website that provides such services. Not trying to push my service just giving my advise. 

    Read their Privacy Policy and their Terms of Use. Serious sites will actually tell you what they do with your info and who they share it with. A lot of info wouldn't be shared though by default as your SSN, but then again you're uploading it so ... Before processing filings myself, I used a few online services for my projects. All of them were professional but one. They bombarded me with unwanted mail and email from third parties. I don't think they exist anymore. Provided, as soon as you register in some States certain information becomes public and some shady marketers do use such public records as a mailing list of sorts.

    Rule of thumb, send them an email, maybe a phone call if they are live that way. Ask questions. They are selling a service in a crowded market so the more interaction you have beyond the website, the more opportunities  for you to judge if they are professional or not.  
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    saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    All new LLCs must file so-called articles of organization with their secretary of state’s office. This is usually just a short form that asks for the names of the LLC and its members and their contact information. The filing fee can range from $30 to $200. A few states also have other registration requirements. You can find the rules and fees involved at your secretary of state’s Web site. Or use FindLaw’s online guide to state corporations offices.
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    StodawStodaw subscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member

    I see that this thread was made few years ago but I want to give a oiece of advice for people like me who decided to start LLC in 2022 - don't do it by yourself - find professionals. Or you will die under the rubble of paperwork bureaucracy Of course each LLC creation service has its own set of benefits and drawbacks; ultimately, it comes down to your income, priorities, business kind, and the state in which you wish to create your company. Here are some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of top LLC formation companies:


    Assistance from professionals and a worry-free guarantee

    reducing paperwork time;

    User-friendly online dashboard with useful features (name check, company registration, Secretary of State fee payments, legal physical address for receiving emails, document certification, IRS registration and acquiring EIN, resolution to create a bank account, and so on);

    Customer service that is both kind and responsive;

    dependable LLC data security;

    Registered agent for free;

    Possibility of using a simpler tax system;

    The LLC has a small charter capital, which allows it to attract investments and assets.

    The low proportion of entrepreneurs who take risks;

    Limited property liability gives legal protection to the company's owner(s);

    The ability to form subsidiaries and non-profit organizations

    There is no need to publish records that indicate the company's activities;


    The total number of participants in the firm may not exceed 50 persons; High costs of LLC paid services and premium packages, sometimes including a registered agent;

    Any changes in the composition of the company's members or the proportions of their shares in the authorized capital necessitate adjustments to the company's package of constituent documents.

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    StodawStodaw subscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member

    I can recommend you online service I used some time ago which in actual in 2022 - https://bestllcservices.co/start-an-llc-in-delaware/

    It is makes the procedure much more easier as you don't have to engage in numerous running around the authorities and signing all kinds of papers.

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