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Hello everyone. I need a little advice if you don`t mind.

ChikeChike subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2008 in Business Planning
Hi, i am going to start a greeting card business which is highly tailored towards teenagers and 20-somethings. I am using software very similar to photo shop to create the images and I am coming up with all the text myself. The images are very good its just that I`m not too sure what quality of paper that people would be willing to actually pay for. The only thing that I can think of is printing this stuff on construction paper that I could grab from CVS or something. Also where do you think the best place for me to initially sell these cards at would be?
Thanks for any input you have.


  • DefMallDefMall subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Chike -
    sounds like a little market research is in order.
    Do 20-somethings buy greeting cards? (I`m not syaing they don`t I honestly don`t know!)
    If so, what KIND?  Birthday cards? Sympathy cards?
    The rave these days sems to be those e-mail-able cards from Blue Mountain and the like.
    The 20-something crowd is very tech-savvy, so you have to be sure you are not investing your money in Buggy Whips.
    Once you know who is buying...and what they are `really` buying...you can start thinking about where to sell them. In other wirds, the market for Birthday Cards will have a different place of advertising than the market for Graduation Cards or Sympathy Cards, I believe.
  • ChikeChike subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice  guys.
  • SandyPISandyPI subscriber Posts: 8
    Kids today are all into recycling. How about this idea, instead of cards the kids will have to snail mail, have you thought about launching a web site with e-cards that will appeal to younger people? Many kids that may want to send cards but can`t drive to the local card store.  With a card web site just for them, they can just go to the web site and design a card then email it. 
     The main problem would have to be payment.  Kids under 18 would have to get an adult to sign up for them and register a credit or debit card.    Just an idea...good luck with what ever you do.
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