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How often do you use memes as a marketing tool?

joeybjoeyb subscriber Posts: 1 Member
edited December 2018 in Social Media Marketing
I've been reading some articles about using memes as marketing (non-parsed links at end of post)  and I think it makes sense that memes are a good way to market, if not possibly the best on Social Media platforms.

However, I find it hard to keep up with what's relevant and hard to find a meme that fits in with my product. I was wondering if people use memes as a go-to for marketing and if so, how do you keep up with what's trending and finding ones that work with your product? 

A few of the things i've read:


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    dissertationbestukdissertationbestuk subscriber Posts: 4 Member
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    Mohit ChauhanMohit Chauhan subscriber Posts: 23 Bronze Level Member
    A meme cannot always fit a business idea. Most of the companies that use memes as a source of marketing are related to the entertainment or advertising industry. Other businesses such as education and learning, and digital marketing firms can also use them, but when it comes to business areas such as finance or technology, the scope for using memes as a source of marketing strategy becomes very limited
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    jordanmcclurejordanmcclure subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member

    Meme is a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users.

    Memes are effective because they are:

    1. Easy to Create – Usually a single image with a quick quote.
    2. Sharable – Most memes are shared via social media, which makes them easy to  like, share, repost, retweet, etc.
    3. Familiar/Relatable – Typically memes are images, quotes, or situations that are familiar to most people.
    4. Funny – Most memes lean toward humor, though they can also be heartwarming or serious.
    5. Attention Getting – Because of the above reasons, memes easily grab the attention of your followers.
    6. Branding – Memes for marketing purposes can help you brand yourself.

    Using Memes as Marketing Tools

    Memes as a tool of marketing can either be very specific. When you use social media as your main means of marketing, then memes become an excellent tool to connect with people. 

    Using memes as part of your marketing efforts definitely can grab the attention of users, help increase your reach and help your branding efforts. It can also be a fun and exciting project for the marketing team. Memes must be planned out with your social media team in order to get the most out of it and increase chances of it going viral.

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    WoodsPaintingWoodsPainting subscriber Posts: 9 Member
    One of the most famous memes is a small square photo of a toddler in a green and white shirt with a determined look on his face, clenching a fist of sand, labeled with a single word: SUCCESS. The meme went viral and became known as the “success kid.” The image was such a hit that it was ultimately licensed for commercial use, and was even used by the White House to promote immigration reform.

    “Memes are the internet speak of millennials. Over three billion people use social media, and at least 60% of them use it for content that’s funny. College students trade memes like kids used to trade Pokemon cards
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    arjun123arjun123 subscriber Posts: 114 Silver Level Member
    Memes can be an integral part of your marketing strategy, as long as youfollow ... Well, you can either use an existing meme or make your own.
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    Lucy WallaceLucy Wallace subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Using memes is a great way to grab attention, and lighten the air.  You don't always want your content to be so serious that consumers lose interest. Finding a work appropriate meme is hard, but not impossible.  You could also make your own, it is really simple.   We post a meme once or twice a week, 
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    ideasunlimited1ideasunlimited1 subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Wholesome memes are the best, because they can be workplace appropriate, funny, but also pertinent to a work place topic. There still is this perception that amusement or jokes aren't "professional", so I generally stay away from memes, but every once is a while they serve as a great eye catcher and a way to connect the meaning of one of our blogs with the real world.
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    Ernest WhaleyErnest Whaley subscriber Posts: 25 Bronze Level Member
    Sometimes, when I post blogs, use to add memes as a means of providing some messages that look funny. But, as mentioned above, it can't be effective all the time.
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    Elena GilbertElena Gilbert subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    Memes are the most dominant weapon for advancement of your brand whenever utilized keenly. Gucci, an Italian extravagance brand utilize the intensity of memes in a correct manner. The extravagance retailers cautiously create substance to reflect their elite and luxurious design. Rather than utilizing run of the mill humor, they utilize proficient photography with peculiar delineations. Additionally, Nickelodeon makes it diverting substance on Twitter and on Instagram advancing its very own shows. They make content which clients discover relatable and hence increase great commitment consequently.
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    engagement123engagement123 subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member
    Although I have never used memes as a marketing tool, I believe the most important question to ask yourself is whether or not they are a good fit for a specific piece of content or campaign. 
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