I am stressed out



  • LifeRevivalUniverseLifeRevivalUniverse subscriber Posts: 76 Silver Level Member

    The best way to deal with stress is to practice mindfulness. It is an effective way to restore balance when you are under stress.

  • BeckyWiseBeckyWise 1704 James Martin Circle Columbus, OH 43205subscriber Posts: 8 Member

    Your should try meditation! 

    That's the thing that everyone should do right now...In such a stres world with this COVID stuff...

  • MattsMetalworksMattsMetalworks Massachusetts subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    i think its important to take a moment and think about what really calms you down, maybe its a cup of tea, a bike ride, a good romp with a partner, or a slice of your favorite cheesecake. no matter what it is, find it, and go do it. everyone in the world can tell you how to relax and calm down but only YOU (can prevent forest fires -smokey) know what truly speaks to you. embrace that thing that makes you feel centered.

  • Genevieve_29Genevieve_29 Germanysubscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member

    Yoga, meditation, stretching. they are working for me. But its important to understand we are different. My friend totally hate yoga, its mostly drives her crazy. She likes doing push-ups when stressed out. You supposted to find your personal way of relaxation. Good luck!

  • yoglicayoglica subscriber Posts: 8 Member

    Yoga and meditation is right tool for stressed out situation. Or go out for walk or beach where you have good vibration. This will really help

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