Hi guys, I have a doubt on Outsourcing

Connie975Connie975 Posts: 14subscriber Bronze Level Member
Hi Guys, 

I have a doubt on Outsourcing, it is possible to outsource manufacturing services, and ensure that their is no patent violations. 


  • blantsimonettiblantsimonetti Ontario, CanadaPosts: 34subscriber Bronze Level Member
    In fact, outsourcing is the transfer to another company of certain production or administrative functions in whole or in part. It is this model in the existing market conditions that allows reducing the rate of growth of expenses, enhancing the competitiveness of products, improving logistics, and providing a more competitive service to its customers. This becomes possible due to the fact that the resource provided by the outsourcer is capable of performing a certain type of activity better than others, and also with the least time and financial costs.
  • Tuah BaoTuah Bao Posts: 119subscriber Silver Level Member
    Hi Connie,

    Yes, you can. You will need to enter into a contract with the manufacturer. The contract will spell out all the terms, including the specification and design of the products, buying price, minimum order per month ...etc. They will liable if they breach the contract.
    Tuah Bao
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