Cloud logistic platform, Looking for help.

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Hi I am Oliver, from Australia, I was working with Amazon in Los Angeles, USA. I think there is a huge potential to operate a Amazon flex service in Ontario. I have traveled across the length and breadth of Canada and I have fallen in love with Canada. I wish to settle in Canada with my girlfriend, by the way she is Canadian, so it makes perfect sense. To start a Amazon flex service, I need to insure my fleet, hence I am looking for an auto fleet insurance service provider along with liability insurance, and property insurance, that could help me with the same. I had a random search in google, on the topic, commercial insurance services Oshawa, and found certain interesting leads. But I am not sure how, good these leads are since I am not from this place, nor is my girlfriend,she is from Vancouver, hence, she cannot help me. Hence, I would be great if you guys could help with the same.

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