Rare & profitable Trade - need funding to Expand /

ninjaDninjaD subscriber Posts: 1 Member
Hello I’m searching for funding to purchase property, & take my business to the next level.
I own an electronics repair business specializing in vintage & HiFi audio systems restorations/repairs/tune-ups. ( No car amps! )
I’m also a Musician, amp Tech, sound engineer, electronics engineer, & artist.
I don’t advertise at all and the repair side of things stays so busy I schedule people out over a month in advance; i’m Good at what I do and there’s also no one else that does what I do for a 75 mile radius.
the repairs are just a suppliment for what I really want the expansion for and that’s building my own Line of guitar amps & effects pedals.
I build pedals and amps all the time for people but from now on I want to put into production the ones I build.
theres also a whole other side to this business which will start earning massive profits in the very first year, but I’ll get into that with serious investors.
so why don’t I get loans?
easy...bad credit.
i chose the wrong school 9 years ago, and that’s Brown Mackie College who now have been found guilty of fraud and ordered to pay back student loans... which I qualify for and have proof but it’s still a 2-3 year process and I’m tired of waiting.

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