The 4 Key Pillars of Instagram Success

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imageThe 4 Key Pillars of Instagram Success

If you want to drive your startup’s social media presence and become a go-to brand on Instagram, then take note of these four pillars of success.

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  • blantsimonettiblantsimonetti Ontario, CanadaPosts: 34subscriber Bronze Level Member
    quite interesting, although I haven’t yet considered instagram as a start-up platform. but apparently in vain
  • AlexKAlexK Posts: 12subscriber Bronze Level Member
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    Content is a king!

    Stay away from posting deals. Anything that screams "Ad" will get ignored. Pictures of cute dogs, cute dogs in training, cute dogs doing tricks, etc will get visibility, shared, and grow your following. Post at least once per day. Consistency is key. Automate it as much as possible (Instagram is a little tougher to automate than other platforms).

    Hash tags are great. Look at other top tier (i.e. large following) Instagram accounts. See which hashtags are most popular and use some of those to help boost your visibility.

  • Mary_KeyMary_Key Posts: 11subscriber Bronze Level Member

    Great reads! You sound like you really know what your doing.

    I created a comedic/humorous Instagram account ~3 days ago out of curiosity to see how fast I could grow it's popularity. So far I've reached 300 followers in 3 days. It's been quite the grind (liking/following/commenting on so many photos), and I'm wondering if it will be like this until 1000. Will it continue to be like this past 1000? What are some better ways to gain followers once I hit the big 1000?

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