Do you want quality copywriting for free?

Dan WaitesDan Waites Posts: 1subscriber Member
Hi all,

Do you work for a startup that needs copywriting to help grow your business? Are you a marketing manager who doesn't have the time to write materials yourself? Need case studies? Website copy? In-app copy? Then read on...

I'm a communications professional looking to make a career change into tech copywriting. My previous experience is in journalism and non-profit communications, and I'm a published author - so I can write, but I don't have experience in writing of this kind. I'm trying to build a portfolio that I can use to attract paid work, and for this reason I'm willing to work for free.

I'm looking for a partner who will use my copy professionally, allow me to show the work on my own site to promote my services and give me a testimonial that I can also publish. 

Obviously there are limits to how much free work I can do for you, as I do have to start earning a living soon. But if you're interested, I would be delighted to hear about your copywriting needs and send you my resume.


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