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Your Personal Experience with Entrepreneurship

Evan PalmerEvan Palmer subscriber Posts: 1 Member
Hello all,

I am a current university student working on a project regarding entrepreneurship. I was wondering if you may be willing to give me some insight towards your personal entrepreneurship and business experience by answering some of the questions which I have posted below? Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

I apologize in advance if I have posted this under the wrong section. 

  1. Can you tell me a bit about your entrepreneurship journey?

  2. How did you first get interested in entrepreneurship or business?

  3. Can you tell me about your experience with creating your first business?

    1. What are some of the problems that you encountered in the startup process?

    2. How did you solve those problems?

  4. How did you first learn about business and starting a company?

  5. Did you ever attend an accelerator or a weekend startup conference?

    1. What did you learn from that?

    2. What problems did you see that existed with those things?

  6. What do you think contributed to the success or failure of your first company?

  7. Did you ever work with a business adviser?

    1. How beneficial was that if you did work with one?

  8. Looking back on where you started, what do you wish you would have done differently?

  9. What resources do you wish you had access to?

  10. When you were starting that first company, were you also working a job?

    1. How did that affect how you went through the startup process?

  11. What advice would you give entrepreneurs looking to start out? (i.e behaviors, decisions, or resources)

Again, any responses are greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time.
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