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What is the best country for business?

austinsparrowaustinsparrow Posts: 26subscriber Bronze Level Member
Hi. What is the best countries for opening business? Because I have tried to do it in Hong Kong, and the process is complicated.


  • Prashant KumarPrashant Kumar Posts: 1subscriber Member
    Singapore is the top class country to start a new business which supports business-friendly taxation policies. Singapore has one of the world’s easiest and most rational taxation systems which is more friendly and flexible . 
  • Justin evansJustin evans Posts: 55subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Nowadays startup ideas that revolve around users problem are the most popular ones.

    Take Uber, for example, they had a simple idea, but since it solved people’s problem, it became famous. Also, you don’t necessarily have to launch a global business. Start with small and try to come up with a solution that will help the local and then you can make it big if you want

    for ideas I have to say now launching a business is easier then ever there are so many options now you can start a salon and allow people to book your services from apps, you can also start a logistics business or taxi service, etc

    you can also get ideas for your business through this website

    I'm qualified Software Engineer and Marketer Performing my responsibilities with due professional care and competence. Recently I am working on projects for On Demand industry like ODTap and Cabstartup
  • LarryNDicsonLarryNDicson 3287 Post Farm Road Atlanta, GA 30305Posts: 17subscriber Member
    I think the United States is a land of opportunity.
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