Out Sourcing Project for Digital Marketing?

samDigitalmarketingsamDigitalmarketing subscriber Posts: 6 Member
Comment here If you have any Out Sourcing task related to Digital Marketing Such SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing & Corporate Branding ....


  • MikeGMikeG subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

    I have outsourced some web development work before. With outsourcing its bit of trial and error to find the right person you feel comfortable with and does the work properly. The other issues I have noticed when outsourcing work especially to India is that they work as a team and the person you are speaking to might not be the same person you talked to prior.

    If you are looking to outsource work I might be interested. My pricing isn't going to be as low as you would get subbing out overseas but you would be getting a native English speaking person with tons of experience in the digital marketing industry.


    Mike Gandy

  • HFakhrHFakhr subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    edited October 2020

    I believe Ukraine is one of the bests places for outsourcing.

  • greenaffiliatesgreenaffiliates subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member

    I will get back here when I have something to get done.

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