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Business practices “Becoming a numbers guy”

joeny06072joeny06072 subscriber Posts: 2 Member

I have also posted this in another forum but think this is the better one for my topic

This may not be the best place to post this but I figured a good place to start.

I just got hired a couple months ago to be a project manager and also other task the CEO needs. I was a contracting IT tech for the company but left the job I was at. Once the CEO learned I left he called me asking me if I wanted a job with his company. He knew I am very good with the IT part but also asked if I am a numbers guy. He is retired and does this just to keep busy and he likes it. Has only been here 1 year. He has done many different jobs in the past and is a very intelligent person. He loves numbers and graphs. Showing profit and loss, future prospects. In his first year he has increased profit 20%.


Now I love to learn new things and he will be a great person to help me advance my skills for life. I am still young but getting old quick “34”.  I am good with math and do like numbers but have never learned much about the type of stuff he is thinking about. I am good at learning new things and like to. I have worked doing all types of jobs. From construction building houses while in college to a cook at a restaurant. I can replace a motor in my car and am now a computer network engineer. I need to learn new things daily to keep up with new technology.


I was hired as a project manager to deploy an ERP software for the company. I get paid very good and if I am able to impress the CEO I will be able to keep the job once I am done with the project. The owner is a small town guy who does not do much along with running the business. So I also need him to see that keeping me employed will be a good thing. I think the CEO had to convince him I would be a good addition and help increase profits. The ERP software will be a great help but after that is when I am worried. When I first started the owner once asked me if I am producing good results. That makes me think the CEO must have told him I will be good addition to get the company on the right track.


So, his first question to me when he called me to offer me the job was if I am a numbers guy. I know what he means by that but need some advice on where to start so I can learn what he is asking me and be able to talk with him about topics where I might want to start to learn. Basically, I want to show him I have a general knowledge of the types of things he would be interested in knowing or am willing to learn the type of stuff he likes. Basically, I want to try and impress him and show I am willing to learn anything. Also, I am hoping this can help advance me in life.


We work for a small company. It was a small-town bakery the became big very quick but is still ran like a small-town company. That why I am here to deploy ERP software. They built a million dollar factory within his first year. Everything is doing good but he wants to advance them to a better place.

Any advice on the best way to procced so I might have a chance to keep this job long enough to learn new skills to help me in the future.

Thank you all.


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    joeny06072joeny06072 subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Anyone have any ideas or advice that might be able to help me advancing in life  Thanks
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    Tuah BaoTuah Bao subscriber Posts: 176 Silver Level Member

    Hi Joeny,

    I am a chartered accountant, but I do have knowledge and experience in marketing/sales and IT programming.

    We all know what the CEO/owner wants, which is how much profit the company makes each month (the bottom line that shows either GREEN or RED number). However, they may have other requirements such as measuring idle time, effectiveness, cost, ROI, budget, forecast, turnover … etc.

    Most of the time, the CEOs/owners do not know what exactly they need and how to develop the performance metrics. It will be your responsible to come out with the metrics to help them understand the situations.

    There is an old saying, “numbers do not lie” (but the numbers must be correct at the first place). Therefore, management rely heavily on the financial reports to make decision.

    I would suggest you to learn and understand all kinds of performance metrics, because you need to understand the formulas before knowing what information you need to collect.

    It will entirely up to you to store your data into a system that you have developed or going to develop or simply just use spreadsheet. You can show all kinds of charts easily with excel spreadsheet.

    Tuah Bao
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