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How to improve my business

Hello, my name is Billy I have been trying to sell some wallets online and I want some opinions on improvements I should make to my website and strategies I can implement that can help get sales. All input is welcomed.
The link to my website isย  RiftWallet.com


  • AsfandiyarAsfandiyar subscriber Posts: 25 Bronze Level Member
    Billy, firstly, I speak as a customer, what's with the fourth picture, no definition, looks cheap. Although everything else is very high quality. Any other choice? I advise you to make advertising in instagram in famous or entertaining pages. Because it beckons.
  • JewelryBundJewelryBund subscriber Posts: 7 Member

    I would suggest you expand your business and show your products through social platforms such as facebook or twitter, if you do not have many fans in the begining, buying ads will be a great starter. Also, you may want to extend your product lines, a buyers who wants to buy wallet may want to buy other accessories as well, so if you can add more products to your store, you may increase your sales and attract more customers there. Hope my suggestions will help!๐Ÿ˜

  • Don McNamaraDon McNamara subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    Hi there! I struggled a lot at first, to be honest... Everything changes whe you force yourself to start trusting and not being afraid to get a helping hand, that's the best advice i ever got in my life, and i'm happy that i was able to receieve that one back in the day. I started off by creating my project of online school teaching uncommon languages such as Turkish, Portuguese, Persian, Korean, etc. I knew that I had to come up with something new, fresh if you know what I'm saying. I knew the conception and didn't know anything at all that should come along with it. I managed to find a company - EVERCODE LAB. They've helped me with producing and launching my platform and app. Now I'm not gonna leave a link on my app, so you won't be thinking that i'm trying to promote my online school here. But the advantage was not only in developing of the project only, but because of consultations and advices i've been given i found out that there should be a list of things implemented into the structure of the system, such as: tests management, schoolchild list management for testing sessions, testing process, answers checking: with one part automatically and the other - by special people. So to sum it all up - I never thought that creating my online school would be such a tough and easy mission at the same time. But thnx to evercode lab - I'm proud to run my own school.

  • conceptcatalystconceptcatalyst subscriber Posts: 4 Member

    How to start a startup? specific โ€“ state clearly what you want to achieve. measurable โ€“ make sure you can evaluate success. achievable โ€“ check your objective is something you have the time and resources to meet. relevant โ€“ make sure your objectives improve profit drivers and improve some parts of your business.

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