92% of Businesses Stand To Lose 40% on Oct 15th

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If you are a property owner you need to be aware that tax code changes have left us with a very small window of time over the next few weeks to get your property benefit.    

A cost segregation filed with your 2017 taxes is worth 40% more than one filed next year. The value of your depreciation as a whole just took a huge hit with this tax change and this is the last year you're allowed to do a "catch up" and reclaim all that money.
Most buildings were done during years where tax rates were at their highest, and depreciated under the assumption that you'd get those deductions "over time". Now, due to the tax changes, you still get some of your money, but it's at 21% instead of 35% (therefore, your overall deduction is worth 40% less next year than it is this year.
You still have time to get your benefit, but we need to act fast. In order to meet this timeline demand we’ve created an online solution for you to check and initiate your pending benefit. Oct 15 is the deadline.
Build out your own feasibility report now and add as many properties as you wish. 

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