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Donating to auctions, want to be remembered, any tips?

studiocheriestudiocherie subscriber Posts: 6
edited January 2008 in Public Relations
My products will be featured at a couple of local school auctions in the coming weeks.  For the people who like my work, but don`t win the auction, or don`t have an immediate need, how can I get them to think of me and visit my website later?  I am expanding the line to include handbags and apparel, so soon there will be more than baby accessories there.  Each auction will be getting a handbag as well as an infant layette set.
I only have two ideas:

Having a flyer and business cards available on the table next to the auction items.  (But I think people easily lose business cards.)

Having a sign up list for email updates.

I am not really a strategist, so I would appreciate any and all input as to how to maximize the opportunity at these events.
studiocherie1/24/2008 1:16 PM


  • PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Hi Cherie,
    You may want to call the local media and ask them to cover the event. If you act as a spokesperson, without being sales-oriented (offer valuable information and benefits instead), you may get some good media coverage you can use later in your marketing materials and on your website to help build credibility.
  • studiocheriestudiocherie subscriber Posts: 6
    When I read your message yesterday, I looked up the local TV stations and was going to contact them, but it occurred to me that I should touch bases with the auction coordinators first and see what other items will be there that might be especially press worthy.  Also the reason why the auction is being held may be the news item that gets them to cover the function.  Thank you, Melanie for always bringing people back to the basics of contacting the press directly with a message that is relevant.
    Thank you Jennifer,
    for the wonderful advice.  It is good to know you have had experience in the auction arena.  I am definitely not relying on these auctions for any major impact.  I just want to be cognizant of the opportunities and avoid any "could of..." "should of..." regrets after the fact.
    So what I am getting is yes, have cards available. No email sign-up. Website and brand name visible.
    When you say "presence" in this case it sounds like you are referring to packaging, putting together an attractively presented package of products.  Is that right? 
    Are you also referring to attractive signage? Something like I would use at a trade show?  Would that be appropriate in this situation?
    I would love to hear from any product people with auction experience as well.
    Thanks again, ladies, you are beautiful!
  • PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Hi Cherie,
    Thanks for your nice comments. It sounds like you are really following through with this the right way. Obviously, you`ll want to get approvals from the appropriate auction contacts prior to promoting the event to the press. I bet they will have some good personal stories about the various auction items too!
    I wish you all the best!
  • CEOinBlackCEOinBlack subscriber Posts: 0
    I was just reading a book about networking.  It talked about how to keep your product in the minds of people long after you have gone.  Creativity definitely plays a key role here.  One thing that was mentioned was his business cards where coins with his information stamped on them.  For situations where he knew the people he has garments made with their names engraved on them.  Anything with your name on it will be remembered.  He also talked about the WOW factor when meeting new people  and getting them to remember you.
    Think of what you could do that would get people saying, WOW.  That`s your key differentiator.
    Good luck!
  • studiocheriestudiocherie subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks, Sam,
    Do you happen to remember the name of the book?  It sounds like it could be a good one for me.
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