Website Feedback Request -- I would like to run the gauntlet....

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There have been three or four posts requesting website feedback over the last couple of days.   The feedback provided has been excellent!  It has caused me to completely re-work our site (strategy, content, and presentation).
If it is not too much trouble, I would appreciate it if forum members could check our site in its current state and provide some feedback.
The site is here:


  • rossbrossb Posts: 5subscriber
    Mike -I`ve not much time right now so will have to go back and take another look, but my first impression (sorry about this) was that I was on a site that was parked and not active.  Then, as I looked about, I realized it was active.  I think it is because there just isn`t one thing that says, "Hey, this is who we are and this is where you`re at."  Does that make sense?  There isn`t any form or shape to it I guess.I really liked how you separated out the idea of a "family" website and a "business" website.  Maybe use this distinction to help shape your design.I`ll look at it again a bit slower, but that gives you my "first impression" as if I were just surfing by...Hope it helps!R-
  • DesignCaddyDesignCaddy Posts: 3subscriber
    Thanks!  It is the "first impressions" that I am looking for.  During the redesign I removed lots of junk text... trying to achieve that "don`t make me think" state... I took it a little too far. 
    I appreciate the note and have already taken a stab at fixing this.  Let me know if you ever need feedback on a project, I will be happy to return the favor.
  • rossbrossb Posts: 5subscriber
    So why I`m not in bed yet is beyond me but I just had to take one more look on the Nation!!!I like it better already!  As I looked at again I also thought you might want to give the background a color.  It certainly doesn`t have to anything dramatic, but it will create a better visual as your content "centers" on the page.  Does this make sense?  Hope so, but again, it`s late and I really need to get to bed...Keep it up!R-
  • ChristinaChristina Posts: 6subscriber
    Either my computer is somehow messed up, or it doesn`t quite work in Mozilla. The navigation is misplaced, I think.
  • DesignCaddyDesignCaddy Posts: 3subscriber
    Although I know I shouldn`t have done this, I modified an aspx file last night and the navigation was very messed up for about three minutes.  You may have dropped by during the crisis....
    I have never tested my site with firefox.  Would you mind hitting it again to see if it is incompatible with your browser or a simple momentary lapse of rational decision making on the admins side
    Thanks Again, I appreciate your time...
  • ChristinaChristina Posts: 6subscriber
    No problem - I checked it again, still the same issue. I cleared the
    cache even, and rechecked it. I`m still getting a weird navigation

    I screencapped it so I could show it to you:link
  • rossbrossb Posts: 5subscriber
    Hey guys -I just checked it with Firefox on both the Mac and Windows and it worked for me...R-
  • ChristinaChristina Posts: 6subscriber
    Maybe it`s just a weird mozilla thing. Or maybe it`s just my computer. Anyone else have Mozilla and time to check it out?
  • rossbrossb Posts: 5subscriber
    Christina -I`m downloading the Mozilla Suite right now, although if I understand correctly, it uses the same engine as Firefox...R-
  • rossbrossb Posts: 5subscriber
    Christina -You`ll be happy to know that you`re not crazy after all!  I loaded up Mozilla and I get the same issue!  It almost looks like it has to do with how it renders Stylesheets.Do you use the integrated email and everything that Mozilla offers?  If not you might try using Firefox:        - you can download Mozilla for testing here:       
  • DesignCaddyDesignCaddy Posts: 3subscriber
    Thanks for the info.  This is very good to know!
  • ChristinaChristina Posts: 6subscriber
    rossb - I`m a mozilla fan. I can`t help it Before firefox existed,
    I was using Mozilla and when firefox came along, I tried it but I just
    liked Mozilla better. What can I say? I do use the email it comes with,

    I`ve actually got FF, Moz, and IE installed on this computer so I can
    test my designs in all three of them. But I use Mozilla most often
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