Name Help?

YiwenYiwen subscriber Posts: 1
My website business is launching this summer - we are providing 4 services free of charge to University of Colorado - Boulder students:
- provide a craigslist of sorts for used textbooks (to undercut the bookstore)
- provide a guide to life/wiki of all of the necessary and you-never-thought-you`d-use information for cu students: locations of banks/atms/drycleaners/stores/etc, how to get a tutor, sports team following, snow report, etc
- provide an editable calendar so students don`t have to go to 6 different sites for events
- provide a place for local businesses to advertise
I want to have a name that appeals to college students but isn`t specific to CU (for potential expansion purposes). I originally started out with "" but I felt that was too brick and mortar. Then, I went with "" but the domain was taken. "" doesn`t exactly roll off the tongue and I can`t think of any emotion evoking one or two syllable words (see Yahoo! or Joomla!).
Am I going in the right direction?
- Yiwen


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