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First customer to my business

New GuyNew Guy Posts: 2subscriber Member
I started a business with some friends that sells software.

We started running a test period of our software in one of the biggest companies in that area.

The software worked excellent BUT they now want it licensed practically for free (about 1000$/month , infinite licenses, for a software that took us about 4-5 months of work). 
They say they can simply hire someone to do it for them and then they will have the code forever and wont need to even pay a monthly fee.

They are the biggest players in the market and they know we are just starting out.

- Is it worth giving out your program practically for free to get that enormous first customer and a ton of credibility for the future?
- Aren't we risking devaluing our software? when other companies from the same type of business hear of this, it can happen again. They will just say I'll bring someone to develop this for me once, instead of paying a monthly fee
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