Which tools is best for team collaboration ?

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How to manage team more effectively, to make them more productive.


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    Can you tell us what exactly are you trying to achieve? Please elaborate more, because the question is not clear. As if a patient goes to the doctor, and just tells him that he is sick, and then keeps silent...

    There are many tools available for different purposes.
    Private/Group Chat - Business Skype, Flowdock
    Online Video Conferencing - WebEx, Business Skype
    Work Management Platform - Asana
    Ticket Management - ZOHO
    CRM - Hubspot

    Some are free (with some restrictions). Hope that helps.
    Tuah Bao
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    For communications that are not serious enough for email and quick chats around a topic?

    Video conferencing?
    Google Hangouts

    For managing customer relations and recording interaction history?

    For working on documents and spreadsheets collaboratively?
    Google docs and Sheets

    For live chat with customers on our website?
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