POS system - new partner(s)?


I am running a small business in Scandinavia (Denmark). We have developed a web based point-of-sale system (POS system) which we sell in our home market. The system is very flexible as it runs in a web browser (we prefer Google Chrome or Firefox), so it can run on any kind of PC or tablet device. The system has complete invoicing and bookkeeping functionality integrated, which means it is good for stores with b2c and b2b customers. We also sell systems for restaurants, cafées, food trucks etc.

The reason why I have joined this forum is to search for potential partners outside our normal market. The POS system should probably be customized and translated to other markets. We are quite open to partner suggestions.


You are welcome to have a look at our website - bizsys dot dk. Please feel free to get in touch.


Soren, Bizsys



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