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Marketing Strategy for Cafe Business

AlrdAlrd IndonesiaPosts: 2subscriber Member
Hey Guys, I'm about to make my own Cafe  / Coffee Shop

may be some of you guys have suggestions or tips & trick for marketing a Cafe beside from social media? 
and how to get into specific marketing target?

thanks guys.


  • RandygRandyg Posts: 1subscriber Member
    Ive seen various business connect with the locals, maybe check the local demographic and connect with them through charity events or giveaways. For example I've been part of a marketing team for a cafe and we devised an event to cater to early birds, we gave discounts for people who would get up and go to the cafe before work. Over time those same people became regulars. 
  • marketinggalmarketinggal Posts: 28subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Focus on your local customers. How about hosting the monthly chamber of commerce meeting at your cafe. You sell a catering job and also introduce your cafe to many influential business people in your town. 

    Also make sure your Google My Business page is well optimized, with descriptions, photos and lots of good reviews. Because it will show well on the map results when people are near your cafe and are looking for restaurants. 

    Plus make sure your Yelp listing is current, looks great and has good reviews. 
  • Diana.kasimDiana.kasim Posts: 23subscriber Bronze Level Member
    You can make a calendar of events, Tuesday's for book lovers, Thursday's for business people. And try to invite interesting people, influencers maybe 
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