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What to offer potential team members if there is no budget?

mayimlessmayimless subscriber Posts: 1 Member


I need to put together a team for an idea I have. I have been in communication with two people but they aren't forthcoming due to the fact that I am not offering payment in any way since I do not have funding yet.

What is the accepted thing to get people to come aboard? 

To be honest, I do not wish to offer percentages of the company at this time in lieu of payment as I can not know yet if they will be partners or just employees or neither. It depends on how much value that can contribute. 

So the question is, how to convince them to get involved and see how things go? What would I tell them now (and sign) that if things move forward, they'll get what I promise them?

Any thoughts?


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    SirTerrySirTerry subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Well, I'll say anyone coming to support your dream, pursuit or just anything outside their own must have some motivation to do so. They must partake or have full guarantee that they'll share of the cake so if you can't pay them cash right about now, the best thing is to offer them some percentage of the future earning. 
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