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Try using a Small Business CRM Solution to increase sales

sksmithsksmith subscriber Posts: 2
edited February 2007 in Sales
I have always found that when I keep good track of the progress of my leads and customers, that is when I seem to have the most success with my sales.Since this is a Sales forum, I want to catch your attention and feedback on a CRM project I am working on.My company recently posted a free version of our online CRM application, called Considered Sales CRM Free.The application is based on a goal and progress oriented sales model and allows you to customize your own sales process. An account in the free version is limited in functionality, but is a good introduction to the considered sales process.I`d like to get any feedback on the application. Let me know what you think. Perhaps this can spur some further discussion on the types of features you are looking for in a good online CRM application.You will find the free version at www.consideredsales.com


  • BarbRBarbR subscriber Posts: 5
    We are looking for a CRM system to use at StartupNation to keep track of business.  I just signed up for a free trial of the software, but one thing that I didn`t find on the free version was easy access to contacts, accounts and leads.  Many of the other CRM applications that I have been reviewing have this functionality, which is important to small business and really any business, regardless of size, that are looking for an affordable CRM system to manage their business effectively.  Does your software have this type of customization once purchased?
  • sksmithsksmith subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply.In Considered Sales CRM Free, contacts and leads are the first thing you will see when you access your account. Clicking on a Contact name will reveal all of their information on the right side of the `work window`. It was designed with your very question in mind.Granted; the free CRM application on consideredsales.com is limited. The full application has a lot of extended features for workgroups wanting to incorporate goal and progress oriented CRM.As a side note: Considered Sales CRM was originally conceived, in part, to help increase sales at an ad sales agency. It worked wonders; our sales increased and we converted several hard core ACT users to the system in the process.If you are interested in learning more about the full app, check out the CRM blog on the Considered Sales site at http://consideredsales.com/crm_blog/There are some screenshots and explanations. You can contact us through the site, too, if you are interested in learning more.
  • bmwsmitybmwsmity subscriber Posts: 1
    I personally use ACT! by Sage.  Got it for only $40 with shipping on Ebay (single user version).
  • BarbRBarbR subscriber Posts: 5
    Sorry it has taken me so long to respond.  Thank you for the kind offer to StartupNation!   I will shoot you an e-mail to discuss outside the forums.
  • kyliptixkyliptix subscriber Posts: 0
    True, finding a rich featured CRM is not hard there are 100s out there;
    you can choose one based on functions you need... but not easy to find them all easy to use and fast to explore and learn without spending much time and $ on training..
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