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Why do you think the U.S. stays ahead of the world with successful startups?

jnath1105jnath1105 subscriber Posts: 4 Member
Europe is catching up a bit, but the United States continues to lead the pack in terms of successful startups. Do you have any ideas why?


  • JaneofalltradesJaneofalltrades subscriber Posts: 6 Member
    I think it has to do with culture. We are more open to startups that are outside the norm. Those that can be seen as unconventional. Also, we have access to unlimited resources that is available to all. Whatever we need, we have available.
  • m.milliganm.milligan subscriber Posts: 9 Member
    The last two employees that left my company to start their own (i have no issue with them going on their own) but, they also had unemployment paying them for six months by using the governments system. It makes it to easy for people to survive on others backs to start their own business. 
    Not sure if this is why start ups work well here in the states but I know in these cases our taxes supported them.
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