My wholesale business is not managed properly

Kylan StanleyKylan Stanley Posts: 8subscriber Member
Hi everyone

I've just steped in the commerce world

I decided to be wholesaler. After 3 months of wholesaling, I've got a small amount of money so I can expand the size of my business. I started to buy more types of goods, sell to more retailers. The income is better

However, when i start managing so many other types of goods, I just can't fullfil my customer on time and whenever I want to sent a quote to my customer, it takes a lot of time in digging into a bunch of working paper. Sometimes I sent the wrong quote the the wrong customer, and I lost that customer

So I am thinking about a solution, maybe it's a software which will help me managing quote and send the e-catalog to my customer. It's kind of a b2b "portal".

I also think about a website that my customer will order online there. However I don't know if there's anything like that

Please help me
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