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My wholesale business is not managed properly

Kylan StanleyKylan Stanley subscriber Posts: 8 Member
Hi everyone

I've just steped in the commerce world

I decided to be wholesaler. After 3 months of wholesaling, I've got a small amount of money so I can expand the size of my business. I started to buy more types of goods, sell to more retailers. The income is better

However, when i start managing so many other types of goods, I just can't fullfil my customer on time and whenever I want to sent a quote to my customer, it takes a lot of time in digging into a bunch of working paper. Sometimes I sent the wrong quote the the wrong customer, and I lost that customer

So I am thinking about a solution, maybe it's a software which will help me managing quote and send the e-catalog to my customer. It's kind of a b2b "portal".

I also think about a website that my customer will order online there. However I don't know if there's anything like that

Please help me


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    melodyspencermelodyspencer subscriber Posts: 26 Bronze Level Member
    Hi Kylan, 

    I'm glad that you had expanded your wholesale business. I think it is better to consult someone developing a business software. They can identify your real business problems and will be able to get you a customized solution. 

    Digitalization can reduce a great amount of paperwork ( which is obviously a big nightmare for every business owner; even mine) by automating the business processes. It saves a huge amount of time and manpower. Also, it will be easy for someone to manage their business, especially when it is in a growing stage.

    Digital copies of documents are always easy to access, handle and manage from anywhere, at any point of time, if it is incorporated with cloud technologies. Through a business portal, you will be able to send quotes to the right customer without any confusion. Introduction of such new technologies/services will leave a better impression among your customers as well.

    I can recommend you a service provider who develops such business solutions and has got around 15 years of experience with various industries. Check out the link below. They are having some good case studies to refer to which might be helpful for you. 

    Let me know if you need any help. Have a nice day.
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    Pisunny JacquesPisunny Jacques subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    edited September 2018
    Hi Kylan, 

    I am happy you are earning a good income and thinking about expanding your business. 

    There is no shortage of choices for choosing software to choose from these days.

    I can recommend you a customized solution for your problem, i.e., INDYDESK
    Trust me all your work will be managed with this single tool. Just on one click. For a small business, it can be perfect. Easy to use, they have a free version, and you don't want to spend much time in understanding its working first, and you can manage your work and tasks easily.

    You can manage your work from there only, and no need of paperwork.  Whether it's our customers or seller, anything you can manage all from there.

    And also schedule your work in advance, so you don't forget it in future.
    Check out the link below. 

    I think it will be helpful to you.
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