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University of Phoenix vs. Street Wisdom and experience

cdurbinrhpcdurbinrhp subscriber Posts: 7
edited October 2006 in Thought Leadership
Does anyone have any knowledge on the quality of education and applied knowledge that University of Phoenix courses have?  In your opinions, does street wisdom trump organized learning?


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    theswaynestertheswaynester subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member
    I work for a distance education provider (fair disclosure) and I have to say that Phoenix Online gets "pretty good" reviews for quality of education and applied knowledge.Now, when it comes to common sense vs. organized learning, in my opinion, I`ve run into a lot of nitwits with doctorates and a lot of geniuses that (barely) have high school diplomas. I believe it all depends on the individual.What I can`t deny is that a degree opens doors. I finished my degree in journalism as a returning adult student and frankly, I would imagine the degree on the resume matters more to employers than my decade-plus experience as a reporter and editor.I`d like to tie this in with your original query about Phoenix Online... My friend is a director at a telecom. He hired someone who earned a degree from Phoenix Online and I asked him if another candidate had the same qualifications, experience, etc. but had a degree from a more traditional university, who would he pick? And he told me, honestly, he`d hire the candidate from the traditional university.So, I`d say check out a couple online programs from a traditional college, if you`re going the distance route.
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    cdurbinrhp,Thats a good question, What has more power, Street Knowledge or Book Knowldege. My answer to that would be they both even out. Remember, there is only so much you can do with street knowledge before you hire a professional. Street knowledge has it`s advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages is you think quicker than the average person " meaning, you can sense something wrong a mile away" but it also has its disadvantages, because for some reason people these days feel more comfortable dealing with someone that`s not a high-school drop out, unless you are a successful drop out and people want you to share your secret, but as you see, there`s not so many bright high school drop-outs. They dropped out for a reason. Now as far as University of Phoenix?? I heard good things about it, but it wouldn`t be my first choice if I was looking into a college. Have you looked into DeVry, Or a community College? by the way? what is it that you are interested in? Business, Engineering, Technician? What are your goals?
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    cdurbinrhpcdurbinrhp subscriber Posts: 7
    Thanks for the answers.  I don`t have the time to attend a traditional university and would probably have to wait another six-ten years before I could entertain attending.  The option of U of Phoenix is just something I could do now to further my education.  I would rather go to a traditional if I had the choice.  My situation has extenuating circumstances.
    I agree with your comments...street wisdom can take you a long way, but a mix of both higher education and street smarts is probably the best of all scenarios.
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    moneymelzmoneymelz subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I don`t know, I went to college I have a four year degree and I still don`t have a "grown up" job/career. My interviewers say i need more experience. I still recommend college, there is nothing like the experience, going to class, cramming, cafeteria food, the relationships, the lifetime networking-- alumni, old friends, fraternity /sorority connections. I would go back in a heart beat, But experience gets the good jobs, or either knowing someone in the right position, but that`s another topic all together.
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    drdesignsdrdesigns subscriber Posts: 1
    Maybe consider a transfer degree from a community college, who in my
    area offer on-line courses.

    I see advertisements from some of our local college`s catering to people
    who don`t have time to attend classes during the day by offering night
    classes, on-line courses, free parking etc.

    Before deciding on one particular place, check all your options.
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    webnancywebnancy subscriber Posts: 0
     thanks, yeah, they conveniently don`t mention the expense in order to make that money.  this totally exposes all these scams...   www.universityofvictory.org/going-broke ... words.html</A>  after the article, checkout the site. it looks like a new improved version of emerald passport.
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    nevadasculnevadascul subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    I think there is a misconception about degree programs that offer credit for work related experience. These degree programs are just as tough and demanding as a traditional college or university. The biggest difference is the online and work related degree programs allow working people to continue their educations by restructuring the typical classroom hours. They also recognize that the real world is just as important a classroom as the traditional classroom.
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    bmwsmitybmwsmity subscriber Posts: 1
    Check out Franklin University`s online program.  A friend of mine is earning his MBA through them after finishing up his undergrad.  He let me check out one of his courses so I could see what it was like, and I loved the way they teach.  Very involving.  Actually, I just applied for the Winter 07 term and am looking forward to getting started.I debated a long time about going back to school (I already had a couple years under my belt), basically for the time-value/education value trade-off.  What finally made the decision for me was knowing that if I ever needed any outside funding for my business (which is likely), I will DEFINITELY want to be able to show investors/banks a demonstrated knowledge of business, and my 8 years of sales experience would look so much better with a business degree to back it up.  Also, since my income has been crap lately, I qualified for enough financial aid to make the cost an almost non-issue.Hope this helps.  franklin.edu
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