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How to choose good software development company

DramaQueenDramaQueen subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member
I have an idea and I want to create an iOS app (maybe android too but a bit later). Could you recommend what are main criteria which I should pay attention to when I will be choosing a company?


  • ShikiShiki subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member
    Well, its great you have an idea and you want to develop an app for it. You have to go on a search for various app development companies and you need to check their website. From the company website you can gather a lot of information you can even check on what technologies they work on and what benefits you will be getting by working with that company. If you are really looking for development company I would like to suggest you read this article https://steelkiwi.com/blog/tips-how-employ-best-team-developers-your-project/.Hope it will help you.
  • HighbeamHighbeam subscriber Posts: 9 Member
  • DramaQueenDramaQueen subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member
  • RjMaanRjMaan subscriber Posts: 28 Bronze Level Member
    Before choosing any software company for your project, you must see its review and reputation in the market. It will give you an idea about that software company.
  • LinuLinu subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Hi My Name is Linu, I have an software company, We have do IOS, Android, Web applications in international standards, if you have any query please feel free to contact info@bluebelltechsolutions
  • MojesterMojester subscriber Posts: 18 Bronze Level Member

    Not the easiest thing to do but it's all about the previous projects of a company. Just look at those, that's it

  • SaïdSaïd subscriber Posts: 1 Member


    I don't mean to be the guy that responds with more questions, buuuuuuut.....

    Before you start thinking about hiring a development company, have you validated your idea first?

    1. Know who your (paying) target audience is?
    2. What problem are they having the HARDEST time with?
    3. What MVP features do you need to roll out first to start becoming profitable ASAP?

    Answer these initial questions and you'll get closer to what it is that you need so that development companies don't pad their quotes, you know exactly what you want first, and focus your seed investment around those objectives.

    These should be covered before you go into a development company's reputation, fees, track record, and portfolio.

  • keithapotterkeithapotter subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    Look for good reference app developments similar to your field. Sounds basic, but be sure to be check how good your communications are particularly with the technical people not just the sales front. Ask to get phone call with a happy reference customer if you can. If they are over-promising beware.

  • spdload.comspdload.com subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    Hey mate!

    You already got a lot of useful tips, I only want to share formula which I use

    1. List your hypotheses. Idea validation is important to eliminate risks of failure. List every hypothesis and understand how to test them with MVP.
    2. React quickly to changes. This is the main benefit of a startup.
    3. Define your goals. It is important to keep in mind why you started in the first place, who needs your product and how it will innovate the market. Do not lose focus. It will keep you on track and disciplined in achieving your primary goal.
    4. Focus on profit. When you start your brand itself doesn't have value. Your design, logo, slogan don’t matter much at this point. All that matters is having a valuable product.
    5. Break into the market as soon as possible. Just get started. If customers love your product then you have the space to introduce creativity.
    6. Always be customer-oriented. A successful product builds, not by dictating, but by working in collaboration with its users. If they have paid once, keep the strategy going and incentivize them to get their friends to sign up too.
    7. Gather the team. Decide what variant fits for your purposes better: freelancers, outsourcing or in-house team.
    8. Develop an MVP. Once you have decided the main features and have learned the market needs, you can create your MVP. It must be easy to use and suitable for your users.
    9. Measure. Review everything thoroughly after launching the MVP, collect your client’s reaction to the release.


  • Nishant SharmaNishant Sharma subscriber Posts: 9 Member

    Hey Drama Queen,

    Congratulations on initiating the work on your idea. I would recommend you to consider the following factors while choosing a company:

    1. Size of the company and market reputation.
    2. Does the company has enough expertise working with your business model?
    3. Communication skills and proficiency in English.
    4. Access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, hardware and software.
    5. How much cost and time do they need to complete the project?

    I would suggest you to outsource your mobile app development, as it offers a long-list of benefits. However, if you choose to do so, just ensure getting required information about offshore product development.

    Hope it helps. Thank You.

  • EricSandersEricSanders subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    I like using freelancers, it is cheaper than fancy consulting agencies. You can save money if you use an offshore team. If you don't have a technical background, it would be trickier though

  • Jyotirmay SamantaJyotirmay Samanta subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    Choosing a good software development company is never an easy task. And software is as good as the software development company you hire. 

    Start with a random RnD of the companies over Google or listing websites. Make a list of the potential ones and run research. See their technical skills, their past case studies, the client testimonials etc and send them over an RFP. 

    Then discuss with them the project requirements and make sure they ask questions and provide feedback because that is what a competent software firm does.

  • himapujarahimapujara subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    edited November 2019

    It is always recommended to create a checklist before hiring any company. Core points to keep in mind while choosing best company could be:

    - Experience of the Company

    - Customer Reviews, Feedback and Testimonials

    - Efficiency of Q/A Team and Delivery Management

    - Security & Designing Standards of the App

    - Cost Effectiveness etc

    As there are a lot of agencies in the market. As per my experience, some of the companies like Signity Solutions and Your Team In India are integrated so well at one place. The main concerns of any customer are well answered here. Rest make a checklist according to your mobile app requirement and then make prioritize factors to select the best.

    Also, in-house teams are always an expensive choice so outsourcing to offshore development company would be ideal choice.

    I hope it will help.

  • jamessmmithjamessmmith subscriber Posts: 1 Member

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  • dresadresa subscriber Posts: 41 Bronze Level Member
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