Hoping to Help!

jeremyk13jeremyk13 subscriber Posts: 1 Member
Hi! My name is Jeremy. I am currently working as a control systems field engineer on a large wellsite expansion in Russia. In July, I will be moving into the role of Director of Engineering at a medium sized manufacturing services company in South Texas and Mexico.

One of my dreams is to start an engineering consulting firm aimed towards helping small companies and start-ups through the inevitable problems that are found in cost-reduction efforts, scaling, root cause analysis, and process risk assessment. A full-time engineering staff isn't appropriate for every company, but an experienced set of technical eyes is often valuable when stressful dilemmas arise. I'd like to see a world where no problem is impossible to solve. I will initially utilize this vision to focus the engineering department at the manufacturing services company. From here, I hope to offer the service to external clients through the company and ultimately break off as a subsidiary.

Please let me know if you have any advice or feedback. I would also be more than happy to help out with any problems you or your organization may be facing!


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