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Speech Therapist is needing help with new website - looking for feedback.

SLPatHomeSLPatHome Posts: 5subscriber Member
I'm a speech therapist. I'm working on creating a site to give parents ideas and information to help with speech and language development at home. If I can get enough traffic and interest I would like to eventually either charge for my speech programs and/or sell advertising. 

I just started it a few weeks ago and am adding more content when I can. Right now it focuses on speech sounds but I will be adding pages on language development. 

Its just a simple Wordpress site. I am in no way a web designer. 

I would very much appreciate feedback on anything that would help put me on the right track with this. Anything to do with the look or content or anything that I should add or take away. I would much rather make changes now rather than later. 

My site is It is also under and

Thank you very much for all of your help.
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