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How can you boost your business where you have a lot to do for your existing clients?

stablxstablx Posts: 5subscriber Member
edited May 18 in Business Planning
We are new into business and we are willing to invest more time in building our brands but as of now, we have got so many clients whose work is making us busy. Please give an overview to solve this problem.


  • Olivia CaitlinOlivia Caitlin Forest Lake, AustraliaPosts: 26subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Well for any business keeps client happy is the utmost priority. They help you in growing your business and brings more work for you. If its  difficult for you to handle the work pressure you can hire more team and  focus on delivering the projects to the client on time with the right quality. This help you in promoting your business by word of mouth. If they are happy they will recommend others.  Marketing is the key area of any business don't try to give more efforts on brand building. You work will help you in building your brand. 
  • DebraharrisDebraharris Posts: 5subscriber Member
    You have to delegate. Hire an assistant! You can also get an intern to help!

  • stablxstablx Posts: 5subscriber Member
    I completely agree with you [email protected] and thanks for the suggestion Deb.  I invite to visit our site stablx.com which is a full-service digital marketing service. Yes, we got many new clients becase of our existing clients but the issue is "client referral send us clients where we already existing and people know about" but not from other places or overseas. We want to expand our businesses overseas and business specific countries so we can help more people and generate the right revenue.  So my question is "Is there any way a locally popular agency can grab the new and overseas market serving their existing clients and beling stable?"
  • WaizWaiz IslamabadPosts: 1subscriber Member
    figure out the extra things which are keeping you busy....and then make a strategy...if they are really extra..charge customers so that they only ask you for what they can pay,.....secondly assign a person dedicatedly to handle such communication etc.
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