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Free Consulting! ^_^

AbeAbe subscriber Posts: 7 Member
edited May 2018 in Selecting a Business
I want to offer a bit of personal advice (i.e consulting) for free to those here who could use some directional guidance. Everyone who I respond to of course, as it should be, is welcome to use what they want and discord what they are not interested in. I look forward to seeing what all ideas I can come up with to help you, whoever "you" are, with your venture. ^_^


  • ProductHQProductHQ subscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member
    Hi Abe, appreciate the offer! We are looking to get feedback on both our new marketing site located at producthq.io as well as the product offer behind it which is currently in beta. Any feedback on the site overall or the beta product would be great!
  • AbeAbe subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    I like your color scheme and general layout, but think you could darken some of the text so that it is more easily read since most of your target audience would likely have trouble with their eye sight due to long sessons on their PC. In addition to darkening text I would also unify the template more. Having the "related posts" all be the same but with different pictures and text colors, and sometimes not being there at all, can cause mistrust in your ability to organize their business if you can't "organize"/unify your own site layout.

    I like the product idea and feel like it holds a lot of potential. I believe your biggest target audience would actually be the mallinials and baby boomers so LinkIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook communities, not Facebook itself, is where you will likely see the most results. There are many other aspects but of cousre this is just a free brief summary of what I've come to know to work.

    P.S You have a few typos (e.g "platform so >yo< can see what") I noticed on the homepage. There may be more elsewhere.
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