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I dont want a Startup

Hi all,

Looking at our day today life style, I wanted to design a mobile apps to restore Humanity in each one of them and my first step starts with the Vehicle traffic management.

As per me, half of our life is spent on sleep and quarter part our is spent on daily traffic jams and rest is for our living, hope you agree with me.

So to overcome with this traffic jam issue, i have to good design of application in which i am 200% confident on the success rate on its implementation. once implemented, everybody will be feeling the success in the below forms.

1) Everybody can plan the daily trip within the stipulated time spam

2) Time savings

3) Fuel savings

4) Pollution control

5) Stress free

6) Control of unlawful activities

7) No Toll gates in the high way anymore

8) Control over all the everything which travels through road (Taxation on the road transport will be on track)

9) 100% tracking on all the belongings sent through road.

But, I cannot do this with any of my basic start-up. For implementation of this application requires huge task force to make it success. For that I need support of big companies who are already in the field for its implementation and I am ready to share my idea to implement it mutually with no concern.

For this I need your help to guide me to those companies to get this project success.

With this funding only, I have to start my next projects which are all bigger than this.

Await reply asap.

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