Effective offline marketing technique

JesicaJesica IndiaPosts: 47subscriber Bronze Level Member
What is the Effective offline marketing technique nowadays, please share your view ?


  • Olivia CaitlinOlivia Caitlin Forest Lake, AustraliaPosts: 7subscriber Member
    Well every business has its own domain so the strategies are planned accordingly. Like wise i am an e-commerce entrepreneur and competitive pricing and good customer service is our biggest priority. We had faced some logistics and delivery issues in the but with more tie ups with the local traders help us in delivering the product to the customers more quickly. 
    we are developing a cluster model which help us in better management and creating more jobs and revenue for the business.
  • ProductHQProductHQ Posts: 12subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Hi Jessica, I think there really is a number of avenues to online marketing:
    1. SEO - really focused on organic traffic to your site through a number of tactical actions
    2. PPC - spending money on ads in search engines and popular locations
    3. Advertisements - this could be buying ad space in popular emags or blogs that your audience is in
    4. Social media - posting on your various locations about your product to get visibility
    5. PR - working to have press releases written about you and your business

    Typically those 5 buckets are high level with a number of activities beneath them but are 10,000 foot level the right swim lanes for a good plan.
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