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How to increase traffic through your web site?

HerniHerni subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2012 in Building A Website That Works
 I just signed up with engineseeker.com and was able to get my website listed on over 100 search engines around the world. Has anyone had experience with this method of advertizing your web site to increase traffic? Any feedback would be appreciated. The company claims that they guarantee increased traffic within the first 6 months or give you money back? I will be monitoring traffic though my site with their stats tool.
Hernando Arauco


  • SnicksSnicks subscriber Posts: 0
    Herni, how much did this service cost you??
  • HerniHerni subscriber Posts: 1
    It cost a one time fee of about $49, then about $25 a month (first month free), and if you want guaranteed top 10 listings for a year, you pay for each KEY PHRASE about $140 per year , I bought 2 and got 2 free for a total of 4 phrases. Typical is between 4 and 8 phrases. They will also provide the software to optimize the traffic and keep stats on it. It seems pretty complete, hopefully it generates sales.
  • SnicksSnicks subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks. Appreciate the information.
  • sahayasahaya subscriber Posts: 0

    These are some tips to increase the traffic to your site. 1. Update your site regularly 2. Link to your website from other sites 3. Give away content 4. Link to authority sites from your site 5. Write link bait 6. Forum Posting 7. Blog Commenting 8. Directory Submission 9. Article Submission 10. Social Bookmarking 11. Effective content of website- Add many pages to your website with unique and quality content. Tucktail.com offers assistance in implementing these steps in your site through search engine visibility tool.

  • ThiagwouThiagwou subscriber Posts: 0
    There are many creative ways to increase traffic to your website. Some will cost you money, and some won't. Below you'll find many legitimate ways (ranging from free to costly) to boost the number of visitors to your website
  • lucasyesherlucasyesher subscriber Posts: 0
    Try to do forum posting, blog comment, social bookmarking, directory submission, and article submission for getting a good quality of backlink. These backlink increases the website visitor and helpful to get more visitor to the website. You could also increases the keyword ranking up over search engine website.
  • seanbvseanbv subscriber Posts: 0
    Anything that will get your website's link on sources besides your own website will help. The actual goal should be to get your website to appear higher on SERPs, which will then cause you to have more traffic.
  • MMTProfileMMTProfile subscriber Posts: 0
  • lucasyesherlucasyesher subscriber Posts: 0
    If you want to increase your website visitor then try to do forum posting, blog comment, social bookmarking, directory submission and article submission. These how you could get a good quality of backlink. These backlink also increases your website ranking up over search engine website.
  • venmalathyvenmalathy subscriber Posts: 0
    Sorry I haven't used the site to get the website Traffic service.So i can't say about it.I would personally recommend the site Thewebpole.com here you can get the website traffic blazer SEO service at reasonable cost.It help to increase website traffic and Page Rank.It generated more traffic.So i am saying this.
  • AltresAltres subscriber Posts: 0
    One thing you want to be sure to do is set up an autoresponder and give away free material on your site or build a squeeze page to do it. You don't just want traffic, you want BUYERS, and you build buyers by building trust with the initial traffic that comes your way.
    Get their emails by double opt-in, and give them something - free ebook, free video tutorial - something decent. Build up trust for a good 6-8 emails or so - then you can start advertising affiliate products or your own products, whatever. These will be your steady customers if you do it right.
  • cipl123cipl123 subscriber Posts: 0
    By Promoting your site in some High PR social bookmarking site and good forum posting increase visitor on your site...SMO is also a very good way to do the same...
  • madelinekimmadelinekim subscriber Posts: 0
    Well, As per my view Socail media and article submission is the best way to increase traffic. This method is more effective. A list of five items that made headlines on your blog. Present the three most popular subject directories with a link to your website.
  • GeorgeSmith123GeorgeSmith123 subscriber Posts: 0
    If you really wanted to improve you traffic over website you can perform SEO, SMO and SEM activities for your website. These all things will lead for targeted traffic towards your website, from where you will get leads for your business.
  • TimBTimB subscriber Posts: 4
    Increasing visits is not everything. Even spammers could increase number of visitors for any website. Actual thing is to maintain ranking and improving it slowly with proper concentration and way. This could be easy if website contains good and relative content. Search Engines also appreciate these things and through relative search visitor will come back to you. Your bounce rate will decrease and your ranking will improve. If you are providing good customer service everyone visitor/customer comes back again and again. Providing better support service is much easy because of Live Website Chat. Live website chat support is extremely easy to implement and does not require any complex installation. Simply copy a block of HTML code into your website pages and start providing cost-effective customer support service.
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