Looking for a Biz Dev Expert/Someone with Startup experience

I am currently looking for someone who is an expert in business development and preferably has experience in online start-ups.

I have developed and launched a unique website idea, which acts as kind of social network for travellers (there is a lot more to it than this, please contact me for the full details). I have researched the market a lot and as far as I know, it is the only site that provides this service. The site has been newly launched over the past couple of months and I am now looking to push and get it out there.

What I need:

I am a web developer with little/no business experience and I am basically looking for someone that knows about how to drive an online start-up to get seen, understands how to develop the idea into a business, potentially get investment, how to start making money out of the site and generally take care of the business side of things. I also need someone to help me with day to day tasks, as it stands I am maintaining the site, developing new ideas into it, running marketing campaigns etc and I would like someone to share that responsibility.

The site is more of a social network and not an eCommerce site. It is not currently making a profit, so this is less of an opportunity to come in straight away and get paid, but more of an opportunity to work on an exciting new idea and turn it into a business.

Please email me if you are interested – [email protected]

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