I need innovative ideas to get sales from my newly launched Logo customization e-commerce

Hey, my name is Stephanie I am from Paris I just joined to get new techniques I can use to drive traffic to my new website. Thank you


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    Hello, @StephaniePrieur

    Welcome to the community. There really is no one simple answer to drive more traffic to your website, but from an organic standpoint, you'll want to make sure your site is fully optimized for search engines, you're consistently posting new content, cross promoting your website on your social channels, using word of mouth/grassroots marketing tactics and offer the option for a weekly newsletter signup, which you'll have to create and send out. 

    You can also consider bringing on guest bloggers, connecting with influencers, using paid ads on Google and Facebook, making sure your site speed is fast and that your site is optimized for mobile, using video, photos and multimedia, interacting with your users/making sure your presence is felt, host webinars, etc. Not all of these tactics are free, but there are a bunch of ideas to get you started. 


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