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How can I keep a growing e-publishing company growing??

nolltdnolltd subscriber Posts: 2
edited March 2007 in Growth Funding

Nolan Media http://store.payloadz.com/results/results.asp?m=46286.  After a two-year survey on our Startupnation post, we found that
our two most popular products (Debbie Dooley Know-it-all-pedia and Sirens of the Internet) require funding to create an advertising budget. With the appropriate funding, we could push these products further.  As an example of our diversity, we have one press devoted to e-documentaries, one devoted to science fiction/fantasy, another which prints only short fiction, yet another which produces only short references. Our e-lectures, articles, and documentaries are our more popular products; so far, `The Science of It-Space` documentaries seem to be the most promising of these. Of the fantasy-fiction genre, `Leara: Phantom of Dorrimyr` is a standout. Our most ambitious, continuing product, ECS (Electronics & Computer-Science Source) is making its appearance on our UCI Internets directory. Also on the site are the Debbie Dooley series of `Know-It-All-Pedias`, which are specifically written for the younger scientific enthusiasts. These e-books are also available as downloads from our Payloadz and Ebay stores.
    UCI, our directory, is our largest, most labor-intensive product. It is now in its beta stage and will be expanded to 5 GB within a year`s time. Its pages. about 10,000 in number, is opened to advertisers at a reasonable fee, no strings attached. Unlike the major search engines, UCI restricts the presence of pornography, sexual deviance, and all other anti-social material. Unlike our competitors` directories, UCI provide at least 80 links per page and an embedded browser on each page. Each link may be opened to a new window, allowing the surfer to remain in UCI. We are earnestly hoping UCI will inaugurate a new style of Web surfer and information rendering.
    Our industrial design arm, namely Logistics & Industrial-Design Management (LDM) Technologies, is presently seeking patents on products related to the recreational, tooling, and automotive industries. Although most of the products are in their prototype and testing stages, we believe they will be highly profitable once fully developed. These products may be seen at our site on http://urbancities.vndv.com/ldm/index.html
    Core company needs (most are pretty self-descriptive, some, I feel, require 
detail explanation) :
- Advertising 
- Larger workspace
- e-Commerce software : 
 shopping carts - automated downloads
- Workstation hardware - PCs (2 for working and backup)
 Server   Printers   Scanner   Fax   Digital Camera
 External hard drives  External DVD Rewriteables
 Increased subscriptions to trade journals, magazines, and content of
  personal  research library
 - Network security software
 Anti Virus - Email Anti-Virus 
 Email Content Security - Email Encryption - Encryption 
 Event Log Monitoring - File integrity checkers - Firewall security log analyzers 
 Firewalls - Intrusion Detection 
 Misc. Network Security Tools  Network Auditing  Patch Management 
 Portable Storage Security  Security Scanners 

:  software solution that protects your network by actively enforcing your endpoint security policy. One type verifies that each endpoint (such as a remote access user) conforms to your requirements for antivirus, browser security, and patch management for Microsoft Windows. With unsecured users, It can automatically fix the users` antivirus settings, prompt users to patch their system, or simply block them from connecting to a corporate networkpar
 Web Application Security  Web Content Security
 ~ Internet server software

 Chat server
 DNS server  : you can host your own domain name, or speed up Internet access by running your own DNS server. This server can be integrated with your web-site for ISP customer signup etc., or even a full web-based DNS solution. One type is also a DHCP server, it comes with a DNS Look Up tool, and other features.

Email server
: one type, a Unix mail server. supports three protocols used on Internet electronic mailing systems: SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4. This device is developed in C, using multithreaded functions. It doesn`t use any 3rd party library. Everything that this software does it is programmed from scratch, even DNS access. 
it supports virtual domains, so many domains can be hosted using the same server
  FTP server : My preference, SurgeFTP, gives the ability to generate a report to show who`s using your server, and more importantly who is misusing it, wasting your bandwidth and resources. Full SSL/TLS security in SurgeFTP for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and Mac OSX. Some of it`s main features include: Settings to allow use through NAT/Firewall/Router, Multiple Domains, Multiple User Classes per Domain (different rules for different users), Individual User Limitations by Authentication Module or User Class, User Group Settings, Built in Multiple Mirror Functionality and more.  List server  Log analyzers 
 Misc. Internet server software  News server 
 Proxy server : preferred- an antivirus and content filtering proxy server.One unit has features like URL blacklists, bandwidth management, regular expression substitution on Website content and requested URL`s, ICP and CARP support to interoperate with other proxy servers, configuration synchronization to ease management of proxy servers in a cluster, ICAP support to use third-party content adaptation software, image and link prefetching, HTTP and FTP content caching, NTLM and Basic authentication, and a Web interface to configure the proxy server.
 Telnet server : features including the ability to impport users from an NT domain, run as a service, run logon/logoff scripts, optional NT integrated authentication, concurrent logons, log access, real-time session shadowing, configurable ports, and banners. Also includes built in network diagnostics showing all network card/IP address information, routing table information, current network connections, byte transfer per network interface, and more.
     Once the company is properly funded, a hands-on management team would be required to assure profitability: Chief Artistic Director: art direction, selects proper software for graphics projects Chief of Programming/Web Master: responsible for Web site design and maintenance Chief of Finance: in charge and oversees all financial transactions Sales Manager: makes the company products known to the masses Head Writer:  responsible for writing all material in the e-books; responsible for research
    Presently, NML is seeking 1 million for the development and securing the material required to sustain production and design. We are offering the investor a maximum 40% stake in the company, as we believe that profitability will be realized within a year, according to our test marketing results. For more information about us, you can view our Website here (currently under revision) at UCI.

(Nolan Media uci@mail.org)

nolltd5/6/2009 7:21 AM
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