Desperately seeking Start up advice...

Harry2018Harry2018 subscriber Posts: 3 Member
Hi Everyone,

I created a new brand of cosmetic, I found a manufacturer that will do a 1000 unit run but wants to charge me $4. per unit, the shelf cost is $4. It is a small pocket size 20ml cosmetic spray, boxed.

I am worried about the quality of the sample run, how do I address this considering manufacturer costs of $4000 it would be a costly mistake if the quality was not up to scratch, what is the normal procedure for a sample run, I have zero experience..

My thinking is I need the sample run to approach the buyers to get the orders, is this the correct procedure?

As you can see any advice appreciated...

I would also consider a business partner that has experience in this field, but do not know where to start in looking?


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