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3 Smart Ways to Empower and Position Yourself for Better Opportunities in Life

Daniel MoayandaDaniel Moayanda subscriber Posts: 17 Bronze Level Member

The world have gone past the point where an Ivy-league college degree is the basis for securing oneself good opportunities in life.

With the automation of the workforce, cryptocurrency and the lots of other advancements the world is experiencing, there is a need for us, humans, to adapt and position ourselves in ways that will not only open us to more opportunities career-wise, but help us become better individuals and help us adapt to the changing world.

From an early age, we are made to believe that knowledge is power, and that this knowledge is often the one garnered from a formal education setting.

With time however, it became clear that the said knowledge is not all that is required for building a successful career and living a fulfilled life.

Qualities like personal experience and exposure, social and networking skills, communication skills, amongst others, have become the order of the day.

To empower yourself and be open to more opportunities than the average man in this age of unlimited opportunities, below are three things to do.

1. Explore and Learn:

It’s one thing to have a general knowledge of how different people think and live in different parts of the world, and an entirely different thing to live amongst different people and experience life their way of life in person.

The world is filled with opportunities but you’ll never learn of them lest grab them if you don’t leave your comfort zone.

Travel sometime. You don’t have to rob the bank to do this. Travel on a budget. Combined with the fun you’ll derive, your mindset and reasoning will come to live when you’re faced with people living the life you deemed impossible.

Your location, your social cycle and the reality you’re faced with deeply reflects on your mindset and can limit your aspirations and dreams. The best way to escape this limitation, hence, is to take every opportunity to expand your horizon.

The web is filled with information that can change your life forever and for good. Surf for them. Read books. Never let your present reality hinder you from the opportunities out there.

The more you learn, the more you grow and the more opportunities you’ll be able to identify and capitalize on.

2. Experiment, Try out New Things:

The only gap between you and making great achievements through the new knowledge you have garnered, is the bravery to experiment what you’ve learned.

Gaining knowledge will help you easily identify new opportunities, however, trial and error is what will help you take advantage of the new opportunities.

Consistently observe the world and the trends in place, and whenever it’s within your ability to create something or render a service the world could be in need of base on your observations, never hesitate a bit.

After Cryptocurrency suddenly rose in value in 2017, individuals who learnt of the big opportunities it presents and were brave enough to invest in it -- like trading bitcoins or launching an ICO -- reaped huge ROI from it.

Other individuals, on the other hand, who learnt of the digital currency, observed it closely, but never dared to take the risk of investing in it never gained any benefit from it.

It’s important to equip yourself with the right knowledge. When the use for such knowledge arises, however, you must never hesitate to capitalize on it.

3. Adapt:

The world is changing. New tech innovations are being invented.

When 3D printing broke out, manufacturing industries had to learn of ways to not be driven completely obsolete in the nearest future.

Autonomous vehicles reshaped the future of the whole car manufacturing, car shipping and transportation industry -- Individuals with careers in the automobile niche had to adapt to this change to remain relevant in the future.

Nicholas Dutko, founder of Car Shipping Carriers said, “by the time driverless vehicles are fully adopted, many auto-personnels will be driven out of business. At the same time, opportunities will be created. Now is the best time for every auto-personnel to learn and adapt in order to not be left behind in the future.”

This equally applies to every other field in life. Driverless vehicles may not affect you but something else will; The demand for your services or skillset can drastically decrease unexpectedly.

Before that happens, while that is happening or after that happens, it’s your responsibility to understand the new demands and brainstorm of ways to rebrand, redefine and finetune your services to meet the new demands.

This way, you will not only be open to more opportunities, you will learn to be flexible and live more intentionally as an individual.


  • YourBizGuruYourBizGuru subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    A timely post. The world around us is changing rapidly seems to be the cliche of all cliche but as the information era becomes ripe we recognise that knowledge is only ( but an important) starting ground.  Other skills such as communication, teamwork and collaboration will need to be built and capitalise on to create opportunities. A business plan is always a good starting ground for start and growth of enterprise www.fiverr.com/yourbizguru

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