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Cheap2Sell.com - Also looking for others to join the team

Cheap2SellCheap2Sell subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2008 in Website Critique

First of all, I want to thank you for viewing my post.
I am an Ebay Powerseller, I am on my way to making $50k this year alone. I, as
well as others, pay an Ebay employees salary each week in fees. I was looking
to reduce my fees by selling on other sites as well. I have sold a few here and
there and I know it will never replace my income from selling on Ebay.
I purchased the software for an auction site about 3 years ago, built and ran a
site with no success. Mostly because I expected people just to know who and
where I was. Never a good thing.
This time, I have put a lot more thought into what I want and what people are
looking for. The site is just over a month old and I have had 647 unique visits
and 857,918 hits. This is due to posting in forums and link exchanges.
What I am looking for is your input. I already know there are tons of new
auction sites out there that are doing the same thing, so I really do not need
to hear that. What I do want is for you to tell me your first impression of
the sites look and feel.
Secondly, I am looking for others who have an interest in web design, marketing
and a strategic mind set to provide a quality service.
The main purpose of this site is to allow people to test the waters, create an
additional income and become part of a community. Also, I have added a few RSS
feeds, one of which is from SUN which I read daily myself. Giving people the
resources they need or are looking for to create a business for themselves.
I could go on and on, but for now I will ask that you express your thoughts.
Even negative posts are helpful as they allow me understand what others think
and will give me information to use.
So let me know what you think and go ahead and ask questions.
Thank you
Cheap2Sell7/15/2008 5:30 PM


  • Cheap2SellCheap2Sell subscriber Posts: 1
    Is there anyone on this site that is willing to give feedback about my site?
    Greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    The link in your signature goes to the wrong page ..... FYI.
    First impression ... it`s almost like you`re trying to do too much on the page ... too busy, as if you`re trying to get everything there at once, so it almost feels overwhelming .... the right column mostly just looks like filler, not serving any real purpose for potential buyers ....
    Overall, the look is good and clean .... to me, it just feels cluttered with stuff I wouldn`t need as a buyer.

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