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celebnowcelebnow subscriber Posts: 4
edited January 2007 in Website Critique
Hello All
I put up my website just becouse poeple look at you like you are `dark ages` if you do not have one. 
I would like it to look friendly, but professional
I do not with to sell items online (unless someone wants to get together to do that).  I have two retail locations, and no time to drop ship/promote the site/check orders.  But I need it for informational purposes. 
Can you guys tell me  manouvorable, colors, informative, aesthetic, professional??????


  • celebnowcelebnow subscriber Posts: 4
    OK dont know why the link did not come up
  • celebnowcelebnow subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks Craig
    I was thinking of trimming it up.  Can`t avoid the people pix on the front page, but can trim the fat on product.
    Let me know if you have any other ideas, and thanks for taking the time to look for me.
  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Definitely information overload. Coming into the site cold I`d immediately turn around and go the other way - there`s just no clear distinction between items, and it`s overwhelming.The top navigation could have a more professional look as well, kind of a simple text that I almost completely missed.
  • celebnowcelebnow subscriber Posts: 4
    So change menu to side view? Or juct change Fonts?
    I`m not really worried about "cold hits" because we don`t sell online right now. 
    The site is for people who have been introduced to us already.
    I took out 2 pages, think I should combine the rest? 
  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    I like the top navigation, but it looks like an afterthought, it doesn`t stand out in any way - combination of how small the font is, and that it`s a very simple font - no design to it (to my untrained eye).Even if they`re not cold hits, you still want people to have a positive experience navigating the site, so I`d keep it as a top nav, just give it a more prominent and graceful treatment.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    celebnow... I went to the site just after you posted this post. I went again this morning. It takes so long to load on my wireless system. I do a lot of my browsing on the road. Therefore wireless is my primary access to the net. My DSL at home is my secondary method.You made a comment about not caring about "cold hits." You also stated, people coming to your site have already been introduced to you. That is the BIGGEST reason your site should work quickly and provide the visual attraction to keep them there once you are not.Just because they have been introduced and come to you a second time through the web, doesn`t mean you don`t have to be concerned with keeping them there.If it loads fast, looks pleasing to the eye (good design), and provides the information/product I am looking for, then I would return. If I met you and see a site that doesn`t fulfill these simple expectations, I would stop going there. Even if I still continue my relationship with you, there is no point in having a website if half the people are turned off by it and never return.I also agree about the navigation at the top of the page. I didn`t see it at all until I read Chuck`s post.Recently I was a participant in a study to find whether or not a companies website was effectively designed. They paid me $75 for an hour of my time. They sat with me, in front of two TV quality cameras and using electronic devices that shows where my eyes gravitate on the site. They also asked me to go through specific steps and share my experience. I was one of probably a hundred people involved (if not more).My point. The company probably wouldn`t like it if I said, "wow, I didn`t see the navigation bar at the top." The reason they are going through so much effort to ensure their site is effective is because they are spending lots of time and money (pay the designers) and plan to use it (the site) to push a new product, service or informational resource. Again, if 100 people arrive and 50 leave because it wasn`t interesting, I think the objective would be, how to keep more visitors visiting... or at least staying for a while.
  • celebnowcelebnow subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks Guys, I will bold, if not change the nav. 
    I do want to get to the point for sure.  Any helpful tips are appreciated.  I don`t know how else to make it more focused.
  • celebnowcelebnow subscriber Posts: 4
    I am not going to outsource the site design.  I have been burned with that twice, but if you have any changes I will surely listen.
    Or if you know of a way we can do business on the net without getting too involved (just supplying product)
    My tools are pretty easy to use so I can change things without too much difficulty.
    I do want it to look good, I did not intend to imply otherwise.  It is just not my main focus.  So as I said, the help is appreciated.
  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    In that case - you want it to look professional, but aren`t overly concerned with building an incredibly robust `web presence` - why not look at templated designs? You don`t need a shiny new site no one has seen before, and there are some sophisticated template designs out there that can be had (and more importantly modified) for very little money. Then you wouldn`t even have to think about how to modify layout and design.
  • celebnowcelebnow subscriber Posts: 4
    That`s true.  Modification is where it gets expensive.  I will look at the ones on my hosting plan now.
    I`ll probably ask you guys again what you think, so be warned, lol.
    Thanks Again, I`ll repost when I`m finished.
  • JWDesignCenterJWDesignCenter subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi,I looked at your site and was impressed with all you have to offer.
    But, I was confused about the focus. I thought the jewelry was interesting
    and the Event listings really great but how do I purchase or attend...
    And the events planning got lost ... So I think a simple home page with a
    focused logo&mission statement and some secondary pages or sections
    devoted to each service or product - ie. jewelry would help. Your website
    should be"driving" people to your site and giving them information.

    Our designer looks at sights all the time and give free mockups and
    feedback. I`ll forward your page and see what she thinks.
  • gderniegdernie subscriber Posts: 1
    Here`s a couple of site i like, sorry to hear about the design service you recieved:

  • seekentseekent subscriber Posts: 0
     Hello, I just browsed your front page and want to add a couple comments, hopefully they won`t be redundant.1.  I would move the pic of your store front and the address/phone info above the photo slide.2.  Remove the second catalog photos from the bottom of the screen.  You already some good pics at the top and a nice catalog page that showcases your wares.3.  Put more contact info on the contact page.4.  Why all the celeb pics?  It would be really cool if you explained that they wore your jewlry or bought from your store (if that is the case).  Ohh, and by the way, you have pics of Cesear Milan??  That`s awesome!5.  I really liked your site, it is simple and easy to navigate.
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