MDM Tools needs assistance!

zskot75zskot75 subscriber Posts: 1 Member
Hey everyone! I'm a new 22 year old to the business world, and it just so happens that I've decided to open up my own power tool company. Before I became official I would buy from my distributor here in Sacramento, CA, and sell off the books to haggling locals. Once I made enough money from doing that I decided to file all the proper paperwork to become an official business. After that I worked on my shopify shop, and finished it within a month. Since my opening in December, I've only had 3 orders with 2 of them being one customer from before, and another through the college I'm attending. I'm at a stand still, and I have not a single clue of what to do next. I need to increase traffic to my shop, and conversions, but I feel like it's difficult to compete locally with my distributor because they dominate northern California, and have now recently within the past 6 months started moving down south. They also have the funds to acquire a vast amount of inventory while I'm measly drop shipping their products to whomever wishes to buy. Thoughts anyone? Anything will help greatly, I'm just lost right now, and am at a loss so far this year. You can check out the shop here at


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