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Ways how to Turn Student Skills into Real-Life Hacks

Looking at the bigger picture of matters makes you the bigger person

When a teacher is explaining a certain phenomenon or a new concept, the first thing that runs in the mind of most students is how it applies in real life. Therefore, most of the time, students try to connect what they are learning to the outside world in order for them to have a better understanding. They are able to do this effectively by looking at the bigger picture of matters. This helps them study better and also improve their memory.

In the same light, the skill of looking at the bigger picture of things is an essential life hack. It can help one improve their negotiation and problem-solving skills. This is because a person that has a mental image of how a problem will eventually be solved is bound to know how to get to the point of problem resolution. In another scenario, when one has a bigger picture of where they want their career to reach, they may work to achieve that goal relentlessly and objectively when they have the bigger picture in mind.

A practical way of using this skill is by always determining the impact and end point of decisions and matters. For example, in real life, if you want to decide on whether to take on a liability such as a home loan, looking at the bigger picture will always help you make the most rational decision. The bigger picture here entails assessing the impact of the loan on your life, finances, and your desire to have a home. If the endpoint of taking a home loan is not desirable, then you may as well look for other desirable options.


A school has taught many students vital skills that have led to their personal development. Some of these skills, such as the ones that have been considered above, are still relevant in the outside world and can serve as real-life hacks.

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