Where do start ups go for funding?



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    There are many places that startups can go for funding including crowdfunding websites, venture capitals, angel investors, bank loans, etc. However, there is another way to gain funding that many startup owners are unaware of. There are over a trillion dollars in retirement plans across the United States that can be used to invest in alternatives, such as your privately held company. Think about how these funds can help your business grow and thrive! 

    You can increase your company’s assets significantly by offering your investors the Self Directed IRA option. If you have a current investor base, (congratulations!), try reaching out and educating them about using their IRA funds to invest in your company. Self Directed IRAs can help gain new investors as well, as they will be able to invest their retirement funds into your business and other alternative investments of their choice, such as other startups, real estate, and cryptocurrencies, while you are granted the opportunity to accept their IRA money and gain a vigorous revenue stream for your fund. 

    When you think about it, this is a mutually beneficial situation, as you see an increase in funding from retirement accounts while your investors benefit from a largely unknown diversification strategy.

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    If you are getting call mainly for startup business funding then there are many angel investors out there who can help these startup businesses, what needed is a good business plan which the investors can believe in. Good contacts and networking can are also very important aspects in finding the perfect investors for your business. There should be a reason why should one invest in your startup business? you have to fulfill this requirement.

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    Not only start-ups but all businesses require funding at a particular stage. Mainly banks and NBFC's specialize in providing easy small business loans. Established businesses can apply online for start-up business loans to increase their operational capacity. They require minimal documentation and you can opt for the required sum as per the eligibility criteria.

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    All businesses small or medium size require funding for growth. There are many banks and NBFC's that provide easy small business loans the other option for such businessmen is fintech firms like Lendingkart. They can apply online for start-up business loans with minimal documentation and opt for the required sum as per the eligibility criteria.

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    MassLight supplies capital and engineers in early stage startups. DM me if you want more info.

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    There are a few different places that startups can go for funding. One option is to go to venture capitalists. This is usually when a startup is looking for a lot of money, somewhere in the range of $1 million or more. It's important to have a good business plan and be able to show that you're capable of growing your company if you want to get funding from a venture capitalist. 

    Another option for startups is to look for angel investors. These are people who invest their own money into a company in exchange for a stake in the business. This can be a great option for companies that are just starting out and don't need as much money as they would from a venture capitalist. 

    A third option is to try and get funding from the government. There are different grants and loans available depending on what country you're in.

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    There are plenty of financing or lending companies available to help startups. You might want to try out Venture Capital Financing as an option since it is more focused on companies that are at their early stages.

    Cloud accounting services provider for Startups and SMEs in the Philippines

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    Every startup business is different, and with that each one has a different focus and need for their funding. Startup Company A may just need some equipment financing to just cover equipment/tools to get rolling. Startup Company B may just need a XXX,XXX amount of startup funding via credit to get the business in operation. And Startup Company C may currently be in limbo from waiting on stacks of unpaid 30-90 day invoices to be paid off by their clients; the solution here would be invoice factoring (and possibly payroll funding in certain cases). In addition to that, a new startup owner would need to have the most unbiased and objective guidance on his/her lending options to get the most tailor-made startup funding possible for him/her to grow the business and succeed.

    My name is Nick Ekong and I am a business loan broker for Super Samaritan Consulting LLC. We offer all forms startup funding mentioned above: equipment financing, invoice factoring, lines of credit, term loans, and more. What are you needing at this time? What are your 2023 goals? Please reach out if want to chat or have questions.

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